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Bitcoin Ingognito Masternode silver hosting

  • Bitcoin Ingognito Masternode silver hosting

For only 136000 TELOS you get a lifetime hosted XBI Masternode.

In case you like to cancel your Hosting contract, you can do it by just sending an information in the customer area.

In that case you will get the collateral back. The difference is kept as one time fee.

In case an collateral change occours due to community consense, you can decide to fill the collateral up or reduce the number of nodes.

Payout frequency in days (always rounded up) = (number off all Masterndoes on XBI Blockchain rounded up to full 1000) / (1440 Rewards a days)

What may sound expensive at first is the most affordable long time invest.


1 Bitcoin Ingcognito Masternodes

161,840.00 TELOS

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