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Rent a Bluebox (Special)

  • Rent a Bluebox (Special)

The shown price is the monthly fee. You can device to mine in Bluepool XBTX or get on of our TELOS 100K Masternodes added month for month until you got 64.

The Bluebox pays 80% of rewards as hosting fee to you and 20% as management fee to us.

Currently we offer only straight mining which means that the miner will be pointed to your personal wallet.

The Miner will be setup to work in Bluepool.

Every downtime will be added as aditional mining time at the end of the contract. Excpetion: The pool has downtimes.

The contract fee includes all costs incl. energy and maintenance.

The month after 64th TELOS Nodes have been added, you get another Bluebox and we go on to add 1 100K Node month for month.

In case you cancel payment, your box will stay as it is until the 20% fee doesn't cover the montly hosting costs.

This is fair for all sides.



124,950.00 TELOS