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XBTX Mining Bluepool Mining

  • XBTX Mining Bluepool Mining

Lifetime mining contract for the bluepool. 50Kh/s are the maximum value. The average value is 30Kh/s (20 or 10 depending on order), because XBTX changes the algorithms block by block.

After the order we set up the miner and aim at a wallet named by you. You can currently expect a payout of around 50XBTX every 2-3 days (status 27.11.2019 )

Mining yields decrease due to increased difficulty and competition. The term ends automatically when the Miner is no longer able to work out one pool share per month.

In this case, the customer is given the opportunity to purchase additional hashrates to counteract this (the same price for the share is in the same order of magnitude as the one already in operation). Otherwise the mining will be stopped in the following month (30 days dry-out time).


10KH/s XBTX Mining

35,700.00 TELOS

20KH/s XBTX Mining

71,400.00 TELOS

30KH/s XBTX Mining

83,300.00 TELOS

60KH/s XBTX Mining

158,270.00 TELOS

120KH/s XBTX Mining

301,070.00 TELOS

240KH/s XBTX Mining

559,300.00 TELOS

480KH/s XBTX Mining

940,100.00 TELOS

960KH/s XBTX Mining

1,582,700.00 TELOS

1920KH/s XBTX Mining

3,022,600.00 TELOS

4MH/s XBTX Mining

5,961,900.00 TELOS