Pasted GraphicPeerToro Masternodehosting and Cloud-mining as seen on Nulltx

ARES Computer is Member of the

Currently PeerToro offers you the worlds best TELOS coins Masternode hosting service.
For just 3000 TELOS + VAT one time fee, you get a lifetime hosted TELOS Masternode.

The required collateral is already included!

This is a limited offerings and ENDS on Decemeber-31-2018
After that a new price will be determined.

Old contracts will of course continue. They will also continue after any Colleteral change based on consensus of the TELOS-Coin community.

Your Benefits:
+ 100% Uptime guaranteed
+ Weekly payout without waiting for the first Revenue (as of today the 6th of November 2018 the reward is 180 TELOS, every Week/node)
You save the initial waiting time of 17 +/-2 days !
+ With every order we pay our membership fee for the Brotherhood of TELOS (an upcoming platform)
+ If you order until 31th of december 2018, you get also a free USER-Verification for the TELOS powered Kryptobay shop engine
->This „optional“ verification would normally costs extra and gives you customers a better feel, when you sell goods on Kryptobay

Minimum Order is 30000 TELOS + VAT for Hashrate services or 30 Nodes.

PeerToro will soon provcie Cloud-Mining 2.0 based on Peerschweinchen(™) service.
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Your Benefits:
+No previous knowledge necessary
+No electricity costs
+No acquisition costs
+24/7 with a guaranteed availability of 99%.
+Guaranteed income
+Invoice with declared value added tax
+Up to 7% yield per month! Yes right.... per month.
Payment with TELOS coin

Don’t waste time and join the ride in a fresh and worthy Blockhain project.
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