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TELOS Masternode Gold hosting

  • TELOS Masternode Gold hosting

For only 60000 TELOS you get a lifetime hosted TELOS Masternode.

The Reward payout frequency is set currently to 7 days.

This will be only guaranteed for customers buying between launch of Peertoro and 31th of december 2018.

After that date every new purchased Node will have an variable payout which equals the Average Payout Frequency of all other nodes.

The first payout happens 7 days after your payment.

In case you like to cancel your Hosting contract, you can do it by just sending an information in the customer area.

In that case you will get the collateral of 1000 TELOS back. 59000 out of 60000 will be kept as one time fee for our service.


10 TELOS Masternodes (Gold)

714,000.00 TELOS

100 TELOS Masternodes (Gold)

6,902,000.00 TELOS

1000 TELOS Masternodes (Gold)

66,640,000.00 TELOS

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