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  • vPiggy
  • vPiggy

vPiggy (virtual Piggybank) is a preconfigured Server with Graphical Deskop Environment.

Imagine a Computer in the Cloud and you can accees it via Remotedesktop from everywhere in the world.

Unlike normal server offerings it is aimed at desktop usecases and not pure command line. You can surf the web, use office and more and save your own battery or reduce your power bill.

You can rent as many as you want. With every ordered one, you get 10% discount on the next order.

If you are Member of BitinsureMe you get cashback instead of the discount as it is easier to handle.

Same for Bitdorado Premium. BONUS is paid by them in that case.

We take responispility only on Server level (the host of the vPiggy). What happens inside the vPiggy is completely in your responsibility. As with a real PC.

vPiggy is protected from outside Attacks via Firewall and encryption, but if you install 3rd party Software or malware inside the VM we can't protect you and are not responsible for andy damage on your data.

We backup your data 1x every 30days. First time 30 days after order. We suggest to do own backups of your important data continually. You can use tools like Dropbpox or Rsync for this.

Owners of a virtual or real Piggybanks or Blue- and Greenboxes as sold on can order at a discouted price. Everyone else has to order the normall offerings at higher price.

Attention: To access a vPiggy you need a RDP Cliet (Microsoft Remote Desktop for example) which handles encrypted TLS connections. Unencrypted connections are not possible.


vPiggy S

150,000.00 TELOS

vPiggy M

200,000.00 TELOS

vPiggy L

250,000.00 TELOS

vPiggy S - Only for BB or Piggy owners

35,000.00 TELOS

vPiggy M - Only for BB or Piggy owners

50,000.00 TELOS

vPiggy L - Only for BB or Piggy owners

80,000.00 TELOS